I wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know how much I enjoyed listening to you last night....

In closing I would like to say thank you for last night. Listening to you speak, has sparked something deep inside that has been pushed aside for quite some time. Unfortunately, I pushed it aside because of life in general; work, kids, family busy schedules etc. But, this morning, I have decided to take your advice and be an “Excuseless Person”. You have inspired me to do things differently, not only in my business, but in all aspects of my life.

Best Regards,


Hi Stephanie,

Thank you for sharing all your wonderful, professional advice last night.  I always enjoy the time with you and always take away valuable lessons, information, and ideas.

Have a beautiful day. 

Many blessings,

2015 Certified Graduate of Crush the Stage Live: A Premiere Speaking and Presentation Masterclass.  

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About Stephanie

Hi, I ​am Stephanie D. Burroughs, president of StephanieSpeaking LLC.  I'm known for my High Energy, High Impact, Inspirational, Informative and Entertaining  speaking style.  In 2014 I published my first book“Dating Your Business Prospect - Practical Strategies for Successful Matchmaker Meetings.© I recently produced and published the audio book which is an expanded version of the printed book. 

For more than 30 years I've been working with  minority, women, small and veteran business owners helping them "crack the code" to selling their products and services to public, government, corporate and private sector organizations.  Wow, where did the time go? 

I began speaking and performing on stages during my elementary, high school and college days and I absolutely loved it!  I've sung in choirs and choruses, played recorder, violin and flute in the orchestra and later marching bands; studied a variety of dance forms and even performed in the Nutcracker Suite in Symphony Hall, Newark, NJ.  And yes, I was also that kid who was always in trouble for talking during class.  Funny thing is people listened!​

Who is Stephanie D. Burroughs?
Thinker; Some say analytical
Recovering Perfectionist
Hard Working
Outgoing; Consummate Networker
Fun Loving (Work Hard, Play Hard)
Quick to laugh and smile
​Joy Filled/GRIT Filled
No Nonsense
Dominant Learning Style:Kinesthetic
Always learning - reading, workshops, audio books, training, conferences, etc.  
​Always  working on becoming the best version of myself
Yoga Practitioner, 
Swimmer, Interval Power Walker & Sprinter
Loves Dancing, Zumba, Solitude
Living a Spirit-led life
Light and Prayer Warrior 
Meditation Practitioner