“What You Think and Speak You Reap!”
Transforming Fear, Frustration and Confusion into Faith, Focus and Clarity and Confidence


​ Banish Self-Defeating Thoughts
 Take Control of Your Thoughts and Words
 Change Your Thoughts, Words, Feelings, Actions; Change Your Life
 Develop Clarity, Focus, Conscious Living
​ Learn How to Live a Purpose-Led Life

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Did you know?

It's estimated we have 50,000 Thoughts Per Day

It is estimated that our brains produce as many as 12,000 to 50,000 thoughts per day depending on how 'deep' a thinker you are.
What's disturbing about these 50,000 thoughts per day is that the vast majority of them are pure nonsense. We often dwell in the past or the future, obsessing about mistakes we might have made, battling guilt, planning ahead or worrying. We are constantly drifting into fantasy, fiction and negativity.

An absolute minuscule number of our thoughts are actually focused on what is truly important and real: the present moment. The moment is all that is, ever was and will be. Everything else is elusive and illusory, particularly as our subjective awareness and feelings are concerned.
--Sentient Developments 3/19/07

 Clarity
 Focus,
 Present Moment Awareness 
 Increased Self-Awareness 
 Increased Self-Confidence
 Increased Self-Esteem

Change Your Thoughts - Change Your Words - Change Your Feelings - Change Your Actions - Change Your Life

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